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Here at 5 Boro Handyman Services, We have an wide range of professional handyman services for around the home and Businesses. We are qualified to take on your project, large and small, and we can help you with new designs or just freshen up what you have, from drywall to tile, painting to electric, floor-covering to Power-washing. It is our goal to keep your home and Business in tip top shape so you can stay on track.

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Faucets & Sinks  
Garbage Disposals
Showers & Tubs
Pipes & Valves
Sump Pumps
Water Heaters 
Dryer Vent Cleaning

5 boro handyman painting

Drywall Patching & Plastering
Walls, Ceilings & Trim
Cabinets & Vanity Painting
Caulking & Insulating
Fences & Decks
Wallpaper Hanging & Removal
Staining & Polyurethane
Historical Restorations

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Need a handyman to tackle your Drywall Repairs project? You name it, I can do it! I supply both the materials and labor for any type of Drywall Repairs job. I perform the repairs and improvements you need with the experience, skill, and customer service you deserve. Feel free to call for more information or to set up an appointment.

5 Boro Handyman Flooring

Have a Deck Staining problem that needs some professional attention? No matter what your vision is, 5borohandyman.com can be trusted to help you bring it to life. If you need repairs done, need assistance with installation, or would like a remodeling upgrade, give me a call and I’ll offer you the services you need at prices you can afford.


Rental Property Maintenance & Repair.
Rental Property Tenant Turnover Services
Rental Property Damage Repairs
New Property Acquisitions
Newly Listed Homes for Sale


Bath Fans & Vents
Garbage Disposals
Light Switches & Dimmers
Outlet & GFI’s
Light Fixtures & Ceiling Fans
TV Mounting & Sound bar’s
Holiday Lighting Installations
Smoke & Carbon Detector

From general maintenance to remodeling, 5 Boro Handyman is at your service! Leave the dirty work to me.


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